Welcome to Pacific Pruning!


— Bringing health & beauty to your landscape–

This is a small business that services the Puget Sound region. We are proudly LICENSED, BONDED, & INSURED.

Do you have small trees, shrubs, or bushes that you are not sure how to prune or keep healthy according to the type that they are? I would love to hear from you so I can offer you a free quote.

“Someone once remarked that pruning is not difficult – all you do is cut off a branch. But there is more to it than that. Your first objective is maintain the health of your plants by keeping them free of the three Ds: dead, damaged or diseased branches. But beyond this are several other goals.”
— Pruning and Grafting by Oliver E. Allen.

Not only do I offer the pruning of the three Ds, but I will be able to discuss with you the several other goals as mentioned above. Each plant is different from the next and therefore has different needs. A specialist will know the needs of each plant and be able to trim it properly for maximum health and vitality.

Please, give me a call and send me an email. I will gladly come over, take a look at the trees and shrubs on your property and offer a free quote. Together we can continue keeping the beautiful Puget Sound area as striking as it is!

Will, Pacific Pruning